January 14, 2019

Beginning of reception of communications for oral presentation or poster

April 15, 2019

Deadline for submission of communications

April 26, 2019

Communication to authors of acceptance of communications and selection for oral presentation


BIOTEC 2019 will provide the opportunity for the presentation of original scientific papers in the field of Biotechnology, both in oral communication and poster formats. In addition, the program will include plenary lectures, keynotes and round tables.


The contributions will be framed within any of the following thematic areas:

  • 1. Microbial Biotechnology

    • Systems biotechnology: metabolic modeling and biosynthetic pathways
    • Multi-organization consortiums; communication systems and biotechnological relevance

  • 2. Food Biotechnology

    • New foods and technologies applied to food
    • Animal production and health; traceability

  • 3. Health Biotechnology

    • New developments in infectious diseases and vaccines
    • Advanced therapy and diagnosis systems

  • 4. Plant Biotechnology

    • Integration of model systems and plant improvement

  • 5. Environmental Biotechnology

    • Bioremediation; biotreatment and bioremediation processes
    • New assessment and analysis tools

  • 6. Blue Biotechnology

    • New products of commercial interest
    • Development of technologies with application to blue biotechnology

  • 7. Industrial Biotechnology

    • Biofactories
    • Bioenergy: perspectives and future
    • Bioprocesses: strategies for production and purification of bioproducts, modeling, scaling
    • Bioreactors: new configurations and applications

  • 8. Biocatalysis

    • Industrial applications of enzymatic processes
    • New enzymes: metagenomics and evolution
    • Biocatalysis in unconventional media
    • Mechanisms, structure and modeling

  • 9. New challenges in biotechnology

    • Bioinformatics: advanced data analysis and modeling
    • Mass analysis techniques (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics)
    • Nanobiotechnology

  • 10. Biotechnology and society

    • Ethical implications in biotechnological processes
    • Bioeconomy
    • Scientific dissemination and open science in Biotechnology


For the presentation of communications, a summary should be sent through the application indicated below, in which the following information will be provided:


  • Name, surnames, telephone number and email address of the author of the correspondence
  • Thematic area in which the work is framed
  • Preference of presentation format (oral communication or poster)
  • Title of the communication
  • Authors
  • Summary (maximum 500 words)


Abstracts must be written in English. The Scientific Committee will evaluate the content of the proposed contributions and select those that are accepted as oral communication and those accepted as a poster communication.


It is essential that at least one author of the communication is registered in the congress. Each registration may have up to two associated communications.

Poster format

Posters will be placed in the spot assigned for them for the three days of the congress. Its dimensions will not exceed 90 cm width by 120 cm length. At least one of the authors of the poster must be standing next to the poster during the daily poster session.


BIOTEC 2019 makes available to all interested persons an online platform through which they can send communications and manage their evolution. Access this platform through the following button.