Arriving to Vigo by plane, train, bus or car is simple, since it has direct connections to the main Spanish cities and to Portugal, as well as to other international destinations.

Vigo Airport: web | 902 404 704

Train Station: web | 912 320 320*

Bus station: web | 986 373 411

* We offer you a bonus of 35% discount on Renfe tickets. If you are interested, contact us at before buying your tickets and we will inform you of everything.



Public transport (bus or taxi) is the most convenient option to get around Vigo. On the website of the bus company, Vitrasa, syou can plan routes, download an app for your mobile or find out about the schedules in real time. In case of opting for taxiautonomy, there are stops distributed throughout the city.


If you finally choose to use the private vehicle, the priority will be finding parking. The city has been renovated in recent years to make it more comfortable for pedestrians, so parking on the street especially in the center is complicated. For this reason, it is recommended to go to one of the numerous public car parks, all with similar rates.



The hotel offer in Vigo is wide and varied and with a quality-price ratio that exceeds the standard by category of many European cities. In addition, the University of Vigo has a series of agreements with the main hotels in the city at special prices.


Below you will find a list where you can consult the Vigo hotels that have an agreement with the University of Vigo and where you can reserve your accommodation at an advantageous price.



At the time of making the booking at any hotel on the list, you must indicate the agreement of the University of Vigo is applied.



Turismo de Vigo

Vigo is the largest city in Galicia. Located in the heart of the Rías Baixas, its light, its temperate climate, its gastronomy, its spirit and its beautiful natural landscapes make this city a must visit place.


Not to be missed, the Vigo City Council makes available to the participants the Vigo City Tourism website, with all the information they may need about leisure, gastronomy, culture and much more.